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Taking Liberties

Examining five critical moments in the life of a city, when ordinary citizens are forced to make extraordinary choices.

About the Show

Taking Liberties is a walking tour drama.

Audiences will meet at Saint John Theatre Company at 112 Princess street and be guided through the show around uptown.

Every generation has had to wrestle with civil liberties, we have had to walk through difficult situations and choices in the name of freedoms. Join us for a show that creates dialogue around our intertwined liberty and identities.

History of the play

Taking Liberties was first produced at the Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival as a staged reading, in a co-production with CBC Radio Drama.

“Beautifully written. Taking Liberties creates identifiable human figures who face agonisingly real problems. It’s rare for theatre audiences to be so intellectually and emotionally challenged.” (Plays International)

Taking Liberties is written by Dave Carley and directed by Jo Dixon
Featuring Vince Gregg, Jerrad Fawcett, Savana Somers, Dino Tremblay and Diane Carey.

Your chance to see Taking Liberties

Show Times

October 1 – 3

Thursday 7pm
Friday 530pm & 730pm
Saturday 530pm and 730pm

Get Tickets

Tickets are available via Saint John Theatre Company
call 506-652-7582 or

$20 or $15 for under resourced individuals

If you have questions or media inquiries

8 + 11 =